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Do you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts? Are there circumstances or experiences that have impacted on your wellbeing? Struggling with your feelings, what they are and how to work through them? I may be able to help you. My therapeutic approach is humanistic and is led by you; my aim is to develop and provide a safe space for you with which to explore your feelings with the hope for a better understanding of your own self and process.


Jerome Johnson  -
Person Centred Counsellor


As well as face to face, I have extensive experience in both telephone and text based counselling (web chat). Some of the presenting issues I have worked with include anxiety, depression, suicide (& ideation), relationships (including work, family, friends) confidence, value and self-worth. I provide one to one sessions to individual adults. 

At present I will be offering online sessions (video, online chat or telephone) only.


What is Person Centred Counselling?

I find the person centred (sometimes called humanistic) approach fits in with my own philosophy because it has at its very core, an unshakable belief that all people are good. Person centred counselling believes that each and every person can, and will, become a more fully functioning person if given the correct conditions. The underpinning principles of the person centred approach are focused on the counsellor being honest, non-judgmental and fully accepting whilst being fully integrated in the relationship allowing the client to lead and set the pace. I aim to offer these conditions as best as I can during our relationship.


What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is a way for you to engage in counselling using internet technology such as Zoom, online chat or over the telephone. You direct your counselling by selecting the method of communication you feel most comfortable with. You chose the time, the place and the pace of your counselling to suit your needs.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a way for you to see me, face to face from your computer whilst engaging in therapy. Should you chose Zoom counselling, you will be guided through setting up your own encrypted Zoom account (if you don’t already have one) and we will meet on Zoom at a time that we previously arranged. Being able to see me gives you more of the benefits you get from face to face counselling but with the convenience of online therapy. 

What is Online (Web) Chat?

Should you choose the online chat room (via Zoom) you will be directed to a secure login page (I will send an email link) that takes you to an encrypted area where we meet at a time that was prearranged and agreed by us both beforehand.You do not need a webcam for this type of counselling.

What is Telephone Counselling?

If you decide to have your sessions via the telephone, I will contact you at the time previously arranged to start. Telephone counselling is preferable to those who do not wish to be seen, may not have access to a PC/laptop or where internet access or reliability may be a problem.


• Counselling therapy from your own home at a time that suits you

• Secure encryption software offers confidentiality and peace of mind

• No chance that you may be seen entering the counsellors practice

• When using online chat, you are able to review what you are saying before sending

• Therapy at a time, place and pace that suits you

• Some find it easier to express their feelings by writing it down

• Access to counselling may be more immediate

• Flexibility to choose the technology you feel is best for you: live chat, zoom or telephone 

Things To Consider

• Are you comfortable using internet technology?

• Would you prefer to see your counsellor face to face?

• Do you feel you can express your feelings well using words?

• Do you feel your situation is too complex to discuss via the internet?

• Is there a computer terminal that you can use privately without interruption?

• Text communication can sometimes be open to misunderstanding.

• There are no nonverbal cues or body language for you or me to read in telephone or online chat sessions; this can potentially lead to misunderstanding.


Training & Qualifications

CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

CPACB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

CPACB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

CPACB Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills


Membership Bodies

I am a member of The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network and The British Association for Counselling & Pyschotherapy. I work in accordance with the BACP's ethical framework to ensure I commit to good practice when working with you.


Fees & Payment Method


Video or telephone Counselling:

I charge £60.00 for an initial assessment. This will last between 50-60 minutes 

I charge £60.00 per 50 minute session. 

Concessional rates may be available.

Web Chat Counselling:

I charge £40.00 for an initial assessment. This will last between 50-60 minutes 

I charge £40.00 per 50 minute session. 

Payment Method

Payment to be made by bank transfer at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. 


GDPR Statement

Please take a look at the GDPR statement. It details what information I may collect from you and how it is stored and used. A copy of this will be given to you at your first session. Click on ‘Read More’ for the statement in full.


Contact Me

The first session will involve me listening to what you would like support with, and to share your thoughts around counselling and how we might be able to work together. If talking about your concerns is something you would like to do, then please get in touch. I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

07710 696 560

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